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About Us

The expertise to make beauty easy

We believe that beauty is beyond skin-deep and your beauty journey does not need to be complicated or confusing.

That's why we constantly apply our medical knowledge to guide you through easy yet comprehensive beauty regimen that consist of treatment, easy-to-use products, supplements, and lifestyle tips.

Beauty begins here

We take a comprehensive view to beauty that extends beyond
treatments to also include home regimens, nutrition, and lifestyle.

We look at beauty in 4 ways:

Expertise you can trust

With almost two decades of beauty expertise, we only use medically-backed products & techniques to provide easy set comprehensive ways for you to stay beautiful.

Guaranteed Hygienic

Only Flawless provides the strictest sanitary protocol that surpass World Health Organization standards for aesthetic centers. We provide disposable headbands and sheets, sterilized tools sealed in a pouch, and hand sanitizers are strategically placed in our clinics.

Join the Flawless team

Got what it takes to deliver expertise in a thoughtful way? We're always on the look out for great people who can help deliver the Flawless brand.

With 18 years of expertise in the aesthetic industry and proven Guaranteed Hygenic,
Flawless makes beauty easy for you to look good outside and feel great inside.

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Corporate Information

Flawless Face and Body Center, Inc.

2F Hanston Square, 17 San Miguel Ave.,

Ortigas Center, Pasig City, Philippines, 1605

Tel: + 632 8584 6807, +632 8584 6813

Hotline: +632 8584 3324