Flawless Facials

Choose from Classic, Regular, Advanced, Ultimate White, and K-Glow Facial.

Clarify and refine your skin by experiencing the relaxing Flawless facial treatments. Choose from the following:

Classic Facial is for normal skin. It’s a basic cleansing of the skin which infuses a Multivitamin Serum.

Regular Facials include the following:

Acne Control Regular Facial is for acne-prone skin. Removes whiteheads, blackheads, and minimizes large pores. Uses Antiseptic Mask.

Oil Control Regular Facial is for oily skin with noticeable pores with or without pimples. Uses Seaweed Mask.

Age Defy Regular Facial is for normal to dry skin. It reduces fine lines and wrinkles. Uses Collagen Mask.

Flawless White Regular Facial is for normal to dry skin and helps even out skin color. It lightens pimple marks, melasma, and other forms of hyperpigmentation through the use of Whitening Mask.

Advanced Facials include the following:

Acne Control Advanced Facial removes acne-causing bacteria. It helps in faster healing of acne using the Green Oxygenating Mask.

Oil Control Advanced Facial controls skin oiliness and unclogs pores with the Novanew Mask.

Age Defy Advanced Facial restores the skin’s youthfulness. It reduces fine lines and wrinkles with the Vitamin Vegetal Mask.

Flawless White Advanced Facial lightens and moisturizes the skin. It tightens and evens out skin tone using Whitenests Mask.

Ultimate White Facial is a specialized facial for hyperpigmented, sun-damaged, sensitive skin. It delivers the benefits of Dunaliella Seaweed Extract from Israel. It is rich in minerals and proteins that nourish and revitalize skin cells. It gives an instant glow that is noticeable right after the treatment. Extraction for this treatment is optional. It also delivers other effective skin lightening ingredients.

K-Glow Facial has an extensive procedure complete with a mineral enriched mask to ensure desirable and lasting results to the skin. Deep cleansing, peeling, restoring and nourishing are just some of the steps of this hypoallergenic and paraben-free facial treatment. The Epidermal Growth Factor and Bio Peptide Complex ingredients found in this facial help the skin generate its own natural collagen and elastin to regain skin's youthful vitality and radiant glow. While its botanical extracts and natural essential oils work well together to fortify the age-defying action.