Scarred For Life No More!

Stressing over your scars? You can have clear skin and be totally hair-free but if you have that one scar that stands out, it can easily put you down. Well, fret no more 'coz we're giving you the rundown of Flawless solutions for the 4 types of scars.

Ice Pick

Ice Pick scars develop from cystic acne. They may appear to be narrow but they are also very deep and are hard to treat. But with our Flawless solution, the Fractional Needling Therapy (FNT), you can finally say goodbye to Ice Pick scars!


They are soft, smooth edged and are shallow so they're hardly visible if stretched. However, Rolling Scars become pronounced as you get older as skin loses elasticity. This type of scar can be treated with Dermal Fillers and Jetfill for skin resurfacing as well as FNT with Human Growth can finally say goodbye to Ice Pick scars!


Boxcar scars are shallow, has sharp edges, and looks like you've pressed a fingernail into your skin. They're best treated by Chemical Peels and Microneedling Therapy or FNT. For peels, best try Mesoestetic Peels and Easy Peel. You can also try Fraxelite for a more advanced treatment.


Keloid scars show over growth of scar margins. They may appear pinkish initially but darkens overtime. To treat this type of deep scar, better consult Scar Therapy with your Flawless MD.

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