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Flawless Soap Upgrade

Bring your personal bar soap (used or unused) to any Flawless clinic and upgrade it to a Flawless soap.Person must present a valid ID upon registration.Soap is limited to one (1) person only; repeat of a person's availment in other clinics is...

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Work That Facelift!

We all know the wonders of workout for tightening the body, but what we should also consider (and make full use of) is our facial muscles. Exercising the facial muscles will helpretain smoothness and firmness of the skin that results to a fresher...

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Pucker Up To Younger Lips!

Anti-age your lips naturally, here are 2 easy ways to get those younger, fuller and more kissable lips without surgery.Exercise.Save sagging lip muscles by pouting your lips and moving them upwards to the nose. Hold for 10 seconds and release...

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